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Looking for more than just a professional and dependable developer? Someone who not only writes programs but also guides you through the whole software design process, pointing out any pitfalls along the way? Someone who doesn?t just say yes to everything to increase costs? If your answer is yes, then I could be your guy. I am a pragmatic programmer who focuses on making sure that your project is a success. I leverage proven methodologies and technologies to minimize the number of detours along your way to a successful project. I go for trusted tools that may not be the ?latest and greatest? but will save you time and money in the long run. Using the lean methodologies, I will work with you to get to your product into the hands of your users with minimal investment. I am experienced with building brand new applications as well as fixing up existing ones. Some of my recent works include SaaS applications, automated stock and forex trading systems, custom line-of-business and ERP web applications, as well as data warehousing, analytics, and reporting systems. Who SHOULD NOT work with me? If you already have PSDs or are looking for someone who can just do as they?re told, then I?m not your guy. There are plenty of professional and dependable developers who can crank out code for you. If you are having trouble, I can help you find one. If you are looking for a big upfront design process where we plan out everything for a 6+-month project, then I?m not your guy. These kinds of projects tend to go off the rails at month 2, and I really don?t like to be a part of that, either as the guy creating the plan that?ll be ignored or as the guy trying to follow an impossible plan. If you have a great idea, but the only thing that?s backing you up is your gut feeling, then I?m not your guy. You are a little too early in the process to be hiring a developer. You need to find some real customers who are willing to pull out their wallets. I highly recommend reading Lean Customer Development by Cindy Alvarez to help you validate your idea with real customers that have money. Who SHOULD consider working with me? If you have a web application that has customers but has some serious technical issues (unbearably slow, crashing all the time, etc.), then I may be your guy. Let?s talk about what happened and what your options are to quickly squash the bugs and get you back in business. If you?ve been through a few developers and are thinking that maybe your idea is too complicated to be built, then I may be your guy. Let?s talk about what you are trying to build and see if I?m a good fit for you and this complicated application you?re trying to build. If you have a great idea and potential customers who are dying to pull out their credit card, but not sure how to get your idea built in the best way, then I may be your guy. Let?s talk about what you sold them on and see if I am the right partner to build this with.

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