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Marcus Z.

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San Jose, San Jose, United States
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"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent," a quote by Joe Sparano that truly fits how I feel about design. Design can be found in everything from the great websites that keep you coming back for more to complex roadways that keep you from going anywhere! I'm a professional freelance web developer that focus on WordPress. Over the years, I've done dozens of web sites for small businesses to large established companies. I've also designed hundreds of print advertisement that has brought great success to businesses of all sizes. My knowledge of design comes from years of experience, trials and errors, and exceptional mentors. From High School, To College, To the Work Force; I've always been blessed with very talented individuals that have surrounded me and taught me much of what I know. Coming from this design background, I like to bring clean code that displays beautiful websites. I am designing or developing sites on a daily basis using my knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. I do near all my work these days using WordPress and have fine-tuned my talents into Theme and Child Theme development. I love design and I love helping people find it. I also love developing amazing websites! Feel free to contact any of my past employers. I am good at what I do, and I make doing it fun for the whole team! :)

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