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Brandon N.

Senior Project Engineer / Senior Mechanical Engineer - CAD/3D

Bern, Bern, Switzerland
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I have a comprehensive background in product development/rapid prototyping/project management ranging from a client?s invention of a game board organizer to a shrimp pellet feeder for a company in Ecuador to a medical device and so on. As you can see I am well versed in a wide area of products so there isn?t anything that I can?t figure out. For my clients, there is no failing. I thrive on taking vague ideas, notes on a napkin, skype sessions and no definitions of what the client wants and turning them into reality. From a Project Management Perspective, I am able to use my great interpersonal skills to keep the team motivated and excited. I can take the same presentation or idea and present it to a wide range of audiences, whether it be a group of engineers, customers?, clients, co-workers, etc. I know how to adapt to my surroundings. I have a gift of being able to get people excited and motivated and as a project manager I am able to plant a seed into a worker?s mind, help them develop and idea and they want to make it succeed because it was there ?idea?. People respond better to their own ideas vs. being told to do something. We all do, right? When it comes to Product Development all parameters are taken into account, mainly the stakeholders i.e., marketing, sales, customer, management, etc. and then I?m able to take all of the input, mix it together with everything and develop a set of 3D designs, drawings and take stakeholder feedback and update respectively as necessary. I always use DFM (Design for Manufacturability) in all my designs such that the product can be produced with very little errors and cheaper than not taking DFM into account. For parts that would be designed and manufactured I identify the best component supplier taking into account price, quality and lead-time whether they be national or international suppliers and I manage them as necessary to make sure schedule and cost are adhered too. All records and revisions of the design history (3D CAD and drawings) are saved in an organized manner and are transferred over to the client at the completion of the project. This includes as previously mentioned 3D CAD, drawings, BOMs (Build of Materials aka Parts Lists), drawing revision changes, engineering notes and any other information that was used during the product design phase. When I make a promise to meet a deadline, it will be met. No excuses ? if I have to stay up for 2 days straight to meet it because of unforeseen circumstances I will do that. I will do whatever it takes to meet schedule and cost. That is just who I am, I am a fighter and I make it happen no matter what. I do everything myself, fix my cars, renovate, I recently added a bathroom, I put on a new roof, I have 4 children and a wife so failure is not an option. I analyze what is cost effective and how long it will take and I make a decision and stick by it. I do that daily in my life and I?ll do it daily for my clients.

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